Raspberry Pi bits

Here's a few bits that I've managed to get working on my Raspberry Pis.

I've currently got two Pis...

  1. Model B, Rev 1 that is used full time as an OpenElec XBMC media player. It is used daily by the teenagers of the house and hasn't missed a beat. As an added bonus it also connects to my MythTV system and allows the monsters teenagers to watch recorded TV without any hassles.

  2. Model B, Rev 2 is in the shed. It is the beginning of my home brew fermentation monitoring and control system. Currently it is only doing the monitoring, but in the future I hope to replace my simple fridge controller with the Raspberry Pi to enable better control of the fermentation process.

  • OpenElec 4.0 for Raspberry Pi Git builds. Built at semi-random intervals from the latest git-pull. Includes CMyth plugin for MythTV-0.27.
  • RootFS on iSCSI - how to configure the Raspberry Pi to boot from an iSCSI target over a wireless link
  • DS18B20 Temperature Monitoring - configuring and monitoring temperatures using a 1-wire DS18B20 temperature sensor with your Raspberry Pi.
  • Stats collection - a simple daemon for collecting a variety of system parameters and send them to a remote Carbon daemon for storage and graphing with Graphite.
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