Dec 20, 2014

Change the RaspberryPi default username

A couple of quick commands to change the default username (pi) that is configured when you install Raspbian for the first time: Login to a text console, ie: Ctrl+F1. Then execute the

Dec 10, 2014 Syntax Highlighting Theme

In my formative programming years I spent a lot of time writing Pascal code in the Borland Turbo Pascal IDE. It was one of the first programming languages that had a compiler, editor

Dec 8, 2014

Ghost behind Apache SSL Virtual Host

After getting Ghost set up just the way I wanted it was time to turn on SSL and put it behind my Apache instance. Reasonable simple process except for one catch, mod_headers

Dec 8, 2014

Hackintosh Build

After careful hardware selection and a small amount of software tweaking I have a nice stable Hackintosh system. System sleep is working well with everything shutting down/waking up as expected. Hardware Core

Dec 4, 2014

Converting PWM to a Voltage

Converting PWM to a Voltage

To drive a Sabertooth 2x12 motor controller it needs a signal from 0V to 5V. I started testing using just a PWM output from the BeagleBone Black. This was enough to prove that

Dec 3, 2014

Apache Mythweb Reverse Proxy Configuration

After a lot of stuffing around and trial and error I've finally managed to get MythWeb configured using Apache as a reverse proxy. Additionally averything is transmitted using HTTPS rather than HTTP. The

Dec 3, 2014

Copying your public key to a remote server

Copying your public key (usually ~/.ssh/ to your remote server makes it possible to login over ssh without needing to remember your password. All the authentication is taken care of

Dec 3, 2014

Raspberry Pi - iSCSI RootFS

Introduction The steps below are to enable booting a Raspberry Pi from an SD card that holds an initrd enabled kernel. Once the kernel boots and hands over to the initrd a wireless

Dec 2, 2014

Automatically Mounting Network drives in OS X

Despite being a multi-user UNIX based operating system OS X doesn't make it particularly easy to automatically mount network shared drives at login. The common solution is to mount the drives through Finder