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A blog about not much really. Mainly nerdy computer or electronic stuff.

Some Linux stuff, probably not very useful, but it was annoying enough to me that I recorded my results for posterity.

The odd bit of electronics.

Probably stuff about beer. Brewing it or drinking it, even dispensing it - everybody needs their own keg and tap at home.


I'm an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. I've been part of the senior service for 20 years. I joined as a sailor specialising in electronics, predominantly maintenance of SONAR and RADAR systems. I worked my way up through the ranks to the lofty heights of Chief Petty Officer before throwing it all away to get a lobotomy become an officer.

I spent a bit of time passing on my years of wisdom as a RADAR and SONAR instructor, then was part of the commissioning crew of HMAS BALLARAT. A few exercises, Christmas Islands visits and the requisite Arabian Gulf Deployment later and I was back on terra firma.

That lead to three or four years (its a bit of a blur) of ship maintenance and contract management. Ships docking, holes being cut in the side, engines and generators being removed, SONARs and Vertical Launch Systems being installed, and paint inspections, lots of paint inspections. It was exciting times.

From there I decided that it was time to change the direction of my career, so I jumped through the hoops and after about a year I was accepted to become an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Fast forward to today and I've re-done Year 12, the High School Certificate (actually it was the Victorian Certificate of Education) and embarked on the roller coaster that is a four year Electrical Engineering degree (Honours, apparently).

I'm in my last year of the degree and looking forward to it all being over so I can get back to sea and do what sailors are meant to do. Drink in foreign ports.